" "Quality over Quantity


A.D. Smoove

CEO / Recording Artist / Songwriter / Producer



      What do you get when you mix refreshing lyrics and smooth melodies? Try A.D. Smoove! With over ten years of making music, it's no surprise that A.D. Smoove puts the "smoove" back into R&B. "When making music I don't typically write my music on paper", he says, "somehow I create it in my head and once I've got the melody it's almost like free styling, simply because I prefer to come up with my own melody as opposed to writing to a beat that's already made." And with that talent, he has created a great sampling of original music.

Born Adrienne Scott in New Orleans, LA, A.D. realized he was a natural at singing and entertaining his family members around the age of 9. Quickly, he was put into plays, talent shows, and church choirs, along with his 2 brothers and 2 sisters. A.D. continued on his musical journey after he, along with his family, departed from the Crescent City to move to Fort Walton Beach, FL, while he was still in high school. There is where he would establish himself as a high school favorite and also a young songwriter, performing self-written songs in talent shows and school events. Although singing was his preference, his acting abilities are what allowed him to receive a full scholarship at a nearby community college in 2001. But after a brief stint of college and acting competitions, the young and impatient A.D. would soon decide that a move to Dallas would be a better opportunity at launching his singing career.

In 2003, the now 20-year old young man would seek the help of a local record label Voyage Records, along with fellow hometown producer N.O. Scully, to help establish his career. This is what opened the door to the many more talents he would discover while under the wings of the label. He definitely knows his way in and out of the recording studio, quickly learning how to record and engineer, produce music, and further develop his song-writing skills writing for other artists. The multi-talented artist is inspired by crooners such as Marvin Gaye, R. Kelly, and Donell Jones, just to name a few. But his true inspiration is definitely the life lessons learned through him and the people close to him, including love. His music is mostly celebrating the ups and downs of relationships.

     After a brief hiatus from the music industry, A.D. Smoove has come back strong and confident with a mixtape titled "Crescent City Cassanova", which was released in 2013 through his own imprint Smoove Music and AGFO Music Group. While the mixtape created a significant underground buzz, Mr. Smoove is steadily building momentum for a major impact. New singles like Nobody Like Me and Smoove it Out from the upcoming EP titled "Get Familiar" is more than capable to set the tone back to the more sexy and traditional styles of R&B. With dreams of performing at some of his favorite venues, like The House of Blues, he plans to give the masses a taste of his sound and a sense of what real feel good music is supposed to be.

King Deezy

Recording Artist / Songwriter



         King Deezy was born Demarcus Daniels on October 6, 1984 in Dallas, TX. At a young age he was influenced by his older cousin to start rapping.  At the age of 14 he started free styling around school and in his neighborhood with friends. As he continued to become more confident, he began to do shows and different events. After graduating from Lincoln High School, he started to take his love for music seriously. 

 King Deezy's passion for music is reflected in his music, and that gives others inspiration to follow their dreams. He has traveled to many cities displaying his skills to the crowds, from California to Florida. Now that he is back in Dallas, with the help of SMOOVE MUSIC, he is determined to push his music and let the world know that quality music is still alive and well in the Dallas metroplex! King Deezy is set to release his debut mixtape King Off His Throne Dec 18th 2016, which includes his club favorite "Imma Eat" that won him several rap contests around the city. King Deezy is definitely an artist with a unique combination of heart, skills, and passion that is clearly shown every time he hits any stage. The ability to deliver quality music that speaks to the hearts of the street is what makes him a King.